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Making the Right Investments Now Can Pay Huge Dividends for Alabama Down the Road
October 24, 2014
“You get what you pay for.”
This old adage may hold true when it comes to the investments of public dollars into education. While it takes more than money to make an education system great, it’s important to fund the things that have been proven to work.
A recent review of state budgets published by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reveals that since the Great Recession, most states that cut their education budgets have still not fully restored the funding since 2008. Alabama was identified in the report as among one of four states that suffered the deepest cuts and among the last to recover.
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Innovation Allows for "Both-And" in Charter Schools & Privatization Debate
September 8, 2014
An A+ Commentary on the Recent Troy University Studies

​There has been so much focus lately on how we can better educate Alabama’s youth. It’s encouraging, because it is clear that improving education for all Alabama students is a high priority for ensuring our state’s prosperity. That’s the one idea that most sides of all debates agree upon.
The findings of two studies conducted by Troy University, commissioned by the university’s Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy, examined the benefits of expanding school choice and of privatizing more public school auxiliary services. The studies have reaped both positive and negative reactions, but that’s a good thing, because public civil discourse is critical. It’s important to listen with an open mind as we focus on the goal on seeking a better outcome for all students.
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Report on Education in Alabama Brings Hope for Future
September 3, 2014
A recent report on education in Alabama, “Obstacles Into Opportunities: A 90% High School Graduation Rate in Alabama by 2020 Provides the Educated Workforce That is Key to Expanding Our Economy,” outlines strategies for addressing numerous issues in our state, including increased unemployment and the number of families living in poverty.
The solution? Improve and expand high quality pre-kindergarten, set high expectations for all students, support continued learning for teachers and school leaders, and set every student on a pathway to success after high school.
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