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There's Cause to be Hopeful About Education in Alabama (Op-Ed)
September 25, 2015
Written by Thomas Rains
A+ Policy Director

Earlier this month, the Legislature passed a General Fund budget that took money that would have (and should have) been spent on education. It's tempting to shake our heads and grumble when things don’t go our way, and we’re especially good at that in Alabama. But if we want things to get better, we know we can’t just complain. We have to try to succeed under the existing circumstances.

Imagine what schools would look like if we designed them today, from scratch. If we wanted to succeed, we would build schools that fit the needs of today’s students using the resources we have. 
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Huntsville City Sets Example with ACT Aspire Score Release
August 17, 2015
Results from the second year of the ACT Aspire are rolling into local school districts, and scores show that Alabama students are rising to the challenge of higher academic standards. While results show that we have a long way to go toward making sure all students are on a path to graduating college and career ready, it’s becoming clearer that they’re up for the task.
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News Conference a Prelude to the Upcoming Legislative Special Session
July 29, 2015
Declaring the month of August "Civics and Government Awareness Month," Dr. Tommy Bice, Alabama State Superintendent of Education, called on all 45,000-plus public school teachers statewide to visit the Capitol next week to thank legislators for their support of Plan 2020, the Alabama State Department of Education's strategic plan for improving public education. 

During a news conference held July 29th, Bice attributed "unprecedented transformations" to the past couple of years' work by the department, the Governor, state lawmakers, educators, administrators, and the State Board of Education. He connected the dots of the progress Alabama leaders have made in advancing public education with the planned outcomes of the state department's strategic plan, while promoting its proposed multi-year budget to help Alabama public schools reach equitable and effective funding levels. Read More
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