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Humility and Exceptional Leadership: Excerpts from an Interview with Good to Great Author, Jim Collins
March 27, 2015
​Well known for his work on recognizing and fostering transformational leadership for organizations, Jim Collins (author of Good to Great, among other titles) turns his attention to school leadership in his next project. Collins wanted to learn from exceptional school leaders who have had success in all types of different school environments and communities.
In a recently published interview for Independent Schools magazine, Collins refers to education as “the most compelling” of the social sectors, and he attempts to find the common factors that make a school great, whether it's public or private, rural or urban, small or large, elementary or high school.
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Stop Asking for Permission: Imagined Barriers to School Improvement
March 23, 2015
Sometimes people get used to hearing “no” so often, that they stop asking. Whether real or perceived, educators often believe there are too many barriers preventing them from innovating and creatively solving problems in their schools.
According to a report from the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), only one-third of “perceived” barriers to school improvement identified by principals were actually real. In other words, two-thirds of the obstacles don’t actually exist in statutes, policies or directives with real consequences.
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A+ Applauds Passage of the Alabama School Choice & Student Opportunity Act
March 19, 2015
A+ Education Partnership applauds the Legislature for passing Senate Bill 45, the Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act that allows the creation of public charter schools in Alabama. A+ encourages Gov. Bentley to sign this bill into law.
SB45 encompasses best practices in public charter school policy from the other 42 states that have used charter schools as an educational tool for more than 20 years. This bill will create one of the strongest public charter schools laws in the country to foster high quality schools for Alabama students.
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