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Funding Opportunity for Expanding Arts Education
October 27, 2014
A+ believes that arts education should be an essential part of a student's  education. Yet, because of the lack of funding, many schools are not able to make this a reality for their students.

To address this concern, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) is offering grants to schools to expand quality arts education for their students. 

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Montgomery Schools On Road to Improvement with ACT Data
October 27, 2014
Schools across Alabama are getting big news this fall.

Last year was the first time 3rd-8th graders took the ACT Aspire, and it was the first time all juniors took the ACT college readiness exam. Results are coming in now, presenting unique opportunities for systems to review and discuss where their students stand, and how to make sure they’re on track to graduating ready for life after graduation.
(For more information about the tests themselves, read A+’s policy brief outlining the new assessments and explaining the expected score changes as the state raises expectations.)
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Making the Right Investments Now Can Pay Huge Dividends for Alabama Down the Road
October 24, 2014
“You get what you pay for.”
This old adage may hold true when it comes to the investments of public dollars into education. While it takes more than money to make an education system great, it’s important to fund the things that have been proven to work.
A recent review of state budgets published by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reveals that since the Great Recession, most states that cut their education budgets have still not fully restored the funding since 2008. Alabama was identified in the report as among one of four states that suffered the deepest cuts and among the last to recover.
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